Valour & Fortitude

Valour & Fortitude, 2nd Edition

Valour & Fortitude (V&F for short) is a set of rules that you can download from this website and then use to fight tabletop wargames using the Perry Miniatures range of figures. The rules are complemented by a set of army sheets, that contain the information needed to use one of the armies from the Perry Miniatures range in V&F, and scenarios that provide all the information needed to set up a battle.

The rules, army sheets and scenarios are completely free of charge, and are designed to fit onto just half a dozen sides of A4 paper. All you need to do is download them and print them out and you are good to go! In addition a full colour printed version of V&F is available with the October 2023 issue of Wargames Illustrated magazine, and the magazine itself includes further V&F coverage. You can find out more by visiting the Wargames Illustrated website.

How To Play Video

Our friends at Wargames Ilustrated have made a short How To Play V&F video. It is available on YouTube here.

Rules Questions

If you have any questions about the V&F rules, army sheets or scenarios, you can email them to and we will get back to you about them as soon as possible.


We periodically update the V&F rules, army sheets and scenarios based on the feedback and questions we receive. These new versions will have an updated version number (i.e. v2.2 instead of v2.1). Any changes to the previous version can be found in the Updates and Patches file.

Facebook Groups

Find out more about Valour & Fortitude by joining the Perry Miniatures Facebook page and the Valour & Fortitude Gamers Group Facebook page.