VLW 26 Rorke\'s Drift Heroes 2

VLW 26 Rorke's Drift Heroes 2

Includes Surgeon Reynolds, Hook, Schiess, Robert Jones plus two casualties.


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1 x AW6 Highlander Light Infantry company, charging
1 x AW28 Queen's Rangers Hussars, swords shouldered
1 x AW18 16th Light Dragoons, skirmishing with carbines
1 x AW8 Highland Command, advancing
1 x AW7 Highlander Light Infantry company, shouldered arms
1 x AW13 17th Light Dragoons command
1 x AW3 Highlanders, advancing shouldered arms
1 x AW24 Queen's Ranger's Light companies
1 x AW21 16th 'Foot Dragoons', skirmishing with rifles
1 x AW1 Highland Command, advancing
1 x AW9 Highlanders advancing at porte
1 x AW15 17th Light Dragoons with pistols on picket duty
1 x AW5 Highlander Grenadier company, in fur cap, advancing, shouldered arms
1 x VLW1 British Infantry in Afghanistan Sudan 1877-85
1 x VLW 18 Afghan regulars,'firing line', 'beehive' hats
1 x VLW 4 Afghan tribesmen skirmishing with Enfields and Brown Besses
1 x VLW 7 Brtish Infantry kneeling, Second Anglo-Afghan War
1 x VLW 13 Jacob's Rifles command
1 x VLW 28 17th Lancers, lances upright
1 x VLW24 The Melvill Deal
1 x VLW 22 Afghan tribal cavalry, sword and shield
1 x VLW 27 17th Lancer command, Zulu War
1 x VLW 29 17th Lancers charging
1 x VLW 25 Rorke's Drift Heroes 1
1 x VLW 17 Afghan regular firing line, turbans
1 x VLW 30 17th Lancer horse holder
1 x VLW 5 Afghan tribesmen attacking with swords
1 x VLW 26 Rorke's Drift Heroes 2
1 x VLW 15 Afghan regulars marching, turbans
1 x VLW 12 Jacob's Rifles advancing
1 x VLW 16 Afghan regulars marching, 'beehive' hats
1 x VLW 23 Afghan tribal cavalry, sword/pistol
1 x VLW 19 Afghan artillery with 12pdr Armstrong
1 x VLW 6 Brtish Horse Artillery crew and 9pdr
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