VLW 4 Afghan tribesmen skirmishing with Enfields and Brown Besses

VLW 4 Afghan tribesmen skirmishing with Enfields and Brown Besses.


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Payment Methods
1 x ACW21 Confederate Artillery firing piece (12 pdr Napoleon , 12 pdr Howitzer and 6 pdr barrels)
1 x AO27 Spearmen/pikemen,standing (can be used as above)
1 x BIF 21 Line Infantry command standing, campaign dress, Kilmarnocks and plain frock coats
1 x AW15 17th Light Dragoons with pistols on picket duty
1 x SAM20 Samurai with Yari at 45 degrees, defending
1 x EA4 Helmeted halberdiers/pikemen attacking with levelled weapon (includes 6 mixedpolearms)
1 x AW6 Highlander Light Infantry company, charging
1 x SAM10 Ashigaru Arquebusier, advancing
1 x AO22 Foot command advancing
1 x ACW17 Union Artillery firing piece (12 pdr Napoleon,6 pdr and 12pdr Howitzer barrels)
1 x VLW 27 17th Lancer command, Zulu War
1 x SAM1 Seated Daimyo & attendants (Takeda Shingen, Great standard, messenger, 2 generals)
1 x VLW 2 Afghan Tribal Command
1 x AO23 Foot command standing
1 x VLW 22 Afghan tribal cavalry, sword and shield
1 x AW28 Queen's Rangers Hussars, swords shouldered
1 x EA9 Mixed polearms (36 in pack)
1 x VLW 7 Brtish Infantry kneeling, Second Anglo-Afghan War
1 x VLW 20 British Infantry Zulu War
1 x AO17 Infantry advancing/running with polearms
1 x SAM21 Samurai with levelled Yari, charging
1 x AO24 Men-at-Arms standing,separate pole arms (these could be used as standard bearers too).
1 x AO25 Handgunners ( 3 two-man crews)
1 x AO11 Mounted Men- at-arms,'white armour',lance upright,armoured horses walking.
1 x AW8 Highland Command, advancing
1 x AW20 17th Light Dragoons, charging in Southern dress
1 x SAM9 Ashigaru Arquebusier, firing line
1 x ACW6 Union six horse limber at full gallop plus gun (3" Parrott Rifle and 3" Ordnance Rifle barrel)
1 x EA25 Circular Italian Infantry shields
1 x EA11 Boxed pavises (24 in pack)
1 x ACW30 Confederate Infantry command in Frock coats and kepis advancing ( 2 Officers, 2 Drummers, 2 standard bearers)
1 x AO13 Veteran archers nocking and loosing high,some in mail and partial plate armour
1 x VLW 28 17th Lancers, lances upright
1 x BIF 1 Scots Fusilier Guards command standing
1 x VLW 3 Afghan tribesmen skirmishing with jezails
1 x BIF 24 Line Infantry marching, campaign dress, night caps and plain frock coats
1 x SAM6 Ashigaru bannermen and musicians, standing (2 bannermen, 3 musicians)
1 x ACW27 Heads with slouch hats for converting plastics (36 heads)
1 x EA14 Italian foot command
1 x SAM29 Naginata (Glaives) (pack of 30) - can be used to convert Yari troops into Naginata
1 x ACW12 Confederate Artillery loading piece (12 pdr Napoleon,6 pdr and 12pdr Howitzer barrels)
1 x AW3 Highlanders, advancing shouldered arms
1 x VLW24 The Melvill Deal
1 x AO2 Archers nocking, drawing and loosing
1 x VLW 25 Rorke's Drift Heroes 1
1 x ACW28 Confederate Infantry in 'shell 'Jackets skirmishing
1 x BIF 28 Grenadier Guards charging
1 x SAM30 Ashigaru ammunition bearers (2 shot bearers, 2 arrow bearers 1 Arquebusier, 1 archer)
1 x AW25 Queen's Rangers Grenadier Company, advancing
1 x SAM19 Samurai with levelled Yari, defending
1 x AW23 Queen's Rangers Riflemen, advancing
1 x AW12 Highland Flank Company, shouldered arms
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