WR 37 Standard bearers

WR 37 Standard bearers.

Standard poles are suppllied that might need to be cut down for size. We would recommend replacing them with 1mm or 1.5 mm brass rod for better rigidity.


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1 x Albion Triumphant Vol 2 The 100 Days Campaign
1 x Cape Warriors Volume 1
1 x Go Strong into the Desert
1 x Glory Hallelujah!
1 x The Art of Martiall Discipline (open edition)
1 x Battle in the Civil War
1 x The French Army of the Orient 1798-1801
1 x Black Powder
1 x Signed copy of Masters in Miniature ( UK/Europe)
1 x Rebellion
1 x Cape Warriors Volume II
1 x A Clash of Eagles
1 x Godoy's Army: Spanish Regiments and Uniforms from the Estado Militar of 1800
1 x Blood on the Nile
1 x Duel in the Sun
1 x Signed copy of Masters in Miniature (Rest of world)
1 x The First Carlist War 1833-1840
1 x WR27 Covered supply wagon
1 x WR7 Breach loading field piece, double arc, plus 4 crew loading
1 x WR11 Mounted standard bearers/lance armed Men at Arms
1 x WR15 Men at Arms/ Knights attacking with polearms
1 x WR3 Yorkist mounted high command ( Edward IV, Lord Fauconberg, Lord Hastings)
1 x WR5 Yorkist mounted high command ( Richard III, Sir Percival Thirwall standard bearer, herald)
1 x WR22 Liveried billmen marching
1 x WR28 Supply wagon
1 x WR26 Ox teams
1 x WR30 Two wheeled common cart
1 x WR1 Plastic Wars of the Roses Infantry (bows and bills)
1 x WR24 Ox wagon, complete
1 x WR12 Lancastrian command on foot (Henry VI, Prince of Wales, Somerset, Oxford, Buckingham and Longstrother)
1 x WR20 Plastic 'Mercenaries', European Infantry 1450-1500
1 x WR23 Liveried archers marching
1 x WR8 Mounted high command (Warwick "The Kingmaker", Richard, Duke of York and Salisbury)
1 x WR6 Breach loading field piece, single arc, plus 4 crew firing
1 x WR2 Lancastrian mounted high command ( Henry VI, Margret of Anjou, Duke of Buckingham)
1 x WR21 Bills (36 in pack)
1 x WR29 Wagon horse teams
1 x WR14 Men at Arms/Knights standing with polearms
1 x WR13 Yorkist command and Warwick on foot (Edward IV, Warwick, Fauconberg, Hastings, Gloucester and Salisbury)
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