EA12 Mounted Italian command

EA 12 Italian mounted command (contains 3 mounted nobles with the centre figure based on the famous painting of Niccolo da Tolentino)


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1 x KOR3 Guerrilla command charging
1 x WR10 Mounted pages
1 x KOR5 Garrison infantry command charging
1 x SA30 Plastic Mahdist Ansar - Sudanese Tribesmen 1881-1885
1 x WR24 Ox wagon, complete
1 x WR27 Covered supply wagon
1 x KOR4 Guerrillas charging (4 polearms and 2 hand weapons)
1 x BH1 Plastic British Napoleonic Line Infantry box set ( 36 Line Infantry, 4 Riflemen)
1 x AW 200 American War of Independence British Infantry 1775-1783
1 x KOR14 Heavy infantry advancing/charging with long spear (Jang Chang)
1 x ACW 120 American Civil War Union Infantry in sack coats skirmishing 1861-65
1 x KOR1 Guerrilla mounted Command ( Kwak Chae-u, the monk leader Yonggyu and a mounted sub commander)
1 x AW 250 American War of Independence Continental Infantry 1776-1783
1 x WR20 Plastic 'Mercenaries', European Infantry 1450-1500
1 x WR 50 Foot Knights 1450-1500
1 x WR1 Plastic Wars of the Roses Infantry (bows and bills)
1 x FN140 Plastic French Napoleonic Hussar box set (14 hussars)
1 x KOR18 Heavy Infantry standing with spear,long shield and bow
1 x KOR15 Heavy infantry advancing/charging with glaive (Hyup Do)
1 x PN1 Plastic Napoleonic Prussian Line Infantry and Volunteer Jagers (46 figures)
1 x WR17 Scurrers command
1 x KOR9 Monks with Bows
1 x WR6 Breach loading field piece, single arc, plus 4 crew firing
1 x WR 40 Mounted Men at Arms 1450-1500 (12 mounted figures)
1 x WR22 Liveried billmen marching
1 x WR11 Mounted standard bearers/lance armed Men at Arms
1 x KOR20 Shin Ki Jeon (multi- rocket propelled arrow launcher) and 3 crew
1 x KOR12 Heavy Cavalry attacking with twin swords (these comprised only of the most skilled horsemen so were used in small numbers)
1 x WR16 Bombard (includes bombard, mantlet and 6 crew)
1 x WR13 Yorkist command and Warwick on foot (Edward IV, Warwick, Fauconberg, Hastings, Gloucester and Salisbury)
1 x KOR24 Armoured Cavalry with Sam Hyul Chong (3 barrelled rocket launchers)
1 x WR26 Ox teams
1 x ACW19 Union Infantry command advancing in sack coats and forage caps (1 officer, 1 drummer, 2 standard bearers and 2 sergeants)
1 x AO16 Dismounted Men at Arms advancing with polearms
1 x SAM17 Mounted Samurai with swords (Katana) charging 1
1 x EA23 Italian heads x36
1 x AW5 Highlander Grenadier company, in fur cap, advancing, shouldered arms
1 x AO10 Mounted men-at-arms,'white armour',lance upright and shouldered,horses walking
1 x AO6 Dismounted men at arms advancing into an arrow storm,2 falling (2 with sword and shield ,4 with polearms)
1 x ACW13 Confederate Artillery loading piece (3'' Parrott and 3'' Ordnance barrels)
1 x EA10 Flat pavises (24 in pack)
1 x AO12 Mounted Men-at-arms lance upright,horses walking.
1 x AO29 Mounted sergeants on walking horses
1 x EA26 Stradiot Command
1 x VLW 13 Jacob's Rifles command
1 x BIF 20 Line Infantry charging, campaign dress, Kilmarnocks and plain frock coats
1 x ACW8 Dismounted Confederate cavalry skirmishing, slouch hats, various firearms
1 x BIF 14 Guards sharpshooters skirmishing in side caps and plain frock coats
1 x SAM22 Samurai with Yari at 45 degrees, charging
1 x AW18 16th Light Dragoons, skirmishing with carbines
1 x SAM23 Samurai with Yari, standing
1 x VLW 9 British Infantry marching, 2nd Afghan War
1 x BIF 6 Line Infantry Firing Line, Kilmarnocks
1 x ACW10 Confederate horse holder, plus 4 horses
1 x VLW 26 Rorke's Drift Heroes 2
1 x BIF 5 Line Infantry skirmish line kneeling, Kilmarnocks
1 x AW27 Queen's Rangers Hussar command
1 x VLW 15 Afghan regulars marching, turbans
1 x AO15 French mounted command at Agincourt (Louis,Count of Vendome, Waleran,Count de Fauquembergues and Comte de Brabant)
1 x BIF 7 Line Infantry command marching, 1855 pattern shako
1 x EA2 Helmeted halberdiers/pikemen advancing, weapon held at 45 degrees (includes 6 mixed polearms)
1 x BIF9 Line Infantry command marching, Kilmarnocks
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