BH80 Napoleonic British Hussars 1808-1815

As well as British hussars these can also be used as Kings German Legion and Hanoverian Hussars. There five variants of head gear for each hussar figure which allows you to use them from the beginning of the Peninsular War to and including the Waterloo campaign. All figures (except the trumpeter) have two arm variants, shouldered sword and at the charge. They are represented in campaign dress, with the pelisses separate which can be left off if depicting them in hot climates.

Box contains . 14 mounted figures . Unit bases . Painting guide



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1 x B14 Mixed tents (2 'dog tents', 2 ridge, bell, two camp beds and a fire)
1 x B6 20mm x 20mm individual Green bases x 40
1 x B18 French Napoleonic Dragoon command sprue 1812-1815 - single sprue
1 x B5 50 x bases 15mm x 20mm
1 x B24 French Infantry Command sprue - single sprue
1 x B 30 Austrian Napoleonic Infantry Command
1 x B1 Two Large sprues (8x bases 45mm x 40mm, 22x bases 45mm x 20, 2 x bases 30mm x 20mm and 2 bases 15mm x 20mm)
1 x PORT 8 Infantry command standing (long breeches) 1810-15
1 x PORT 10 Flank companies standing, shouldered muskets (long breeches) 1810-15
1 x PORT 2 Fusiliers marching 1810-15
1 x PORT 14 Telegraph station with 3 Telegraph Corp and an Engineer officer
1 x PORT 4 Infantry in British ‘slop’ clothing marching 1809-10
1 x PORT 9 Fusiliers standing, shouldered muskets (long breeches) 1810-15
1 x PORT 5 Infantry command standing 1810-15
1 x PORT 1 Infantry command advancing 1810-15
1 x PORT 7 Flank companies firing line 1810-15
1 x PORT 13 Atiradores skirmishing with rifles
1 x PORT 12 Cazadores skirmishing/ firing line with Brown Bess’s
1 x PORT 3 Flank companies marching 1810-15
1 x PORT 11 Cazadore command standing
1 x PORT 6 Fusiliers firing line 1810-15
1 x WR29 Wagon horse teams
1 x WR20 Plastic 'Mercenaries', European Infantry 1450-1500
1 x ACW 115 American Civil War Union Infantry 1861-65
1 x ACW70 American Civil War Zouaves
1 x WR15 Men at Arms/ Knights attacking with polearms
1 x KOR17 Heavy infantry advancing/charging with twin swords (these were more numerous than their mounted equivalents)
1 x WR23 Liveried archers marching
1 x KOR21 Hwa Go (multi-barrelled artillery piece) and 3 crew
1 x KOR2 Mounted Commanders (Kwon Yul, Cho Hon, Yi Pok-nam)
1 x KOR23 Armoured Archers nocking/ loosing
1 x ACW2 Plastic American Civil War Cavalry ( box of 12 figures)
1 x KOR26 Standard bearers signalling with standards
1 x AO 50 Agincourt French Infantry 1415-29
1 x WR5 Yorkist mounted high command ( Richard III, Sir Percival Thirwall standard bearer, herald)
1 x KOR6 Garrison infantry command charging
1 x KOR22 Armoured Infantry with Chong Tong/ Arquebus firing/loading
1 x KOR8 Garrison archers shooting, knocking arrows etc
1 x WR4 Lancastrian mounted high command ( Henry VII, Sir William Brandon standard bearer, herald)
1 x WR9 Mounted Lancastrian command (Somerset, Wenlock and The Prince of Wales)
1 x WR12 Lancastrian command on foot (Henry VI, Prince of Wales, Somerset, Oxford, Buckingham and Longstrother)
1 x AO 60 Agincourt Foot Knights 1415-29
1 x FN100 Plastic French Napoleonic Infantry
1 x FN130 Plastic French Napoleonic Line Dragoons (13 mounted, 8 dismounted)
1 x RPB2 North American Store
1 x WR25 Open frame wagon (as WR 24)
1 x WR2 Lancastrian mounted high command ( Henry VI, Margret of Anjou, Duke of Buckingham)
1 x ACW1 Plastic American Civil War Infantry ( box of 36 figures)
1 x WR1 Plastic Wars of the Roses Infantry (bows and bills)
1 x FN120 Plastic French Napoleonic Heavy Cavalry box set (Cuirassiers/Carabiniers, 14 figures)
1 x ACW 80 American Civil War Confederate Infantry 1861-65
1 x WR30 Two wheeled common cart
1 x KOR11 Armoured Cavalry with bows
1 x KOR7 Garrison infantry command stan
1 x WR14 Men at Arms/Knights standing with polearms
1 x WR 60 Light Cavalry 1450-1500
1 x WR18 Scurrers, lance upright
1 x WR19 Scurrers scouting
1 x RPB1 American Farm House
1 x KOR25 Armoured spearmen/standard bearers
1 x KOR10 Armoured Cavalry attacking with double handed flail / double handed crescent sword (both weapons included for all three cavalrymen)
1 x WR21 Bills (36 in pack)
1 x WR28 Supply wagon
1 x AO 40 English Army 1415-1429 (36 figures)
1 x WR3 Yorkist mounted high command ( Edward IV, Lord Fauconberg, Lord Hastings)
1 x FN 230 French Napoleonic Line Chasseurs a Cheval 1808-15
1 x KOR19 Guerrilla archers nocking, drawing and loosing
1 x BH 90 Napoleonic British Light Dragoons 1808-15
1 x WR7 Breach loading field piece, double arc, plus 4 crew loading
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