SAM31 Armed peasants, advancing
Armed peasants, advancing


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Payment Methods
1 x BIF 12 Canadian Militia firing/skirmish Line, 1863 tunic and 1855 shako
1 x VLW 12 Jacob's Rifles advancing
1 x SAM5 Ashigaru bannermen and musicians, advancing (2 bannermen, 3 musicians)
1 x AO1 Henry V, mounted, and command (includes Edward, Duke of York, Thomas, Lord Camoys, Sir Thomas Erpingham and Henry's servant with his shield, plus mounted herald)
1 x ACW26 Black Union heads wearing forage caps for converting plastics (36 heads)
1 x EA3 Armoured halberdiers/pikemen advancing, weapon held at 45 degrees (includes 6 mixed polearms)
1 x ACW22 Confederate Artillery firing piece (3" Parrott and 3" Ordnance barrels)
1 x ACW29 Union Infantry in sack coats skirmishing
1 x AO4 Lightly armoured infantry (Brigans) standing ready with polearms
1 x VLW 14 Afghan Regular Command
1 x BIF 29 Royal Artillery loading 12 pounder Armstrong
1 x BIF 23 Line Infantry kneeling skirmishing, campaign dress, Kilmarnocks and plain frock coats
1 x SAM7 Yari Ashigaru, standing at ease
1 x BIF 18 Line Infantry charging, Kilmarnocks.
1 x AW21 16th 'Foot Dragoons', skirmishing with rifles
1 x AO14 French High command at Agincourt on foot (8 figures-Charles d'Albret, Constable of France and his standard bearer, Boucicault, Marshal of France, Charles, Duke of Orleans, John Duke of Bourbon, Charles, Count of Eu, Guillaume de Martel bearer of the Oriflamme, Lord Rambures, Grand Master of Crossbowmen)
1 x AO5 Archers preparing for battle,hammering in and sharpening stakes
1 x AW30 Warriors advancing with rifles and muskets
1 x BIF 26 Line Infantry firing line/skirmishing, campaign dress, straw hats and plain frock coats
1 x ACW16 Union Artillery running up piece (12 pdr Napoleon,6 pdr and 12pdr Howitzer barrels)
1 x EA 15 Carroccio
1 x BIF 8 Line Infantry marching, 1855 pattern shako
1 x ACW20 Confederate Infantry command advancing in 'shell' jackets, half slouch hats and half in kepis (2 drummers, 2standard bearers and 2 drummers)
1 x SAM2 Mounted commanders (Uesugi Kenshin, Date Masamune, Oda Nobunaga)
1 x AO18 Mounted Men at Arms, charging,couched lances
1 x VLW 11 Jacob's Rifles, firing line, 2nd Afghan War
1 x BIF 22 Line Infantry firing line/skirmishing, campaign dress, Kilmarnocks and plain frock coats
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