KOR20 Shin Ki Jeon (multi- rocket propelled arrow launcher) and 3 crew
Shin Ki Jeon (multi- rocket propelled arrow launcher) and 3 crew


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1 x B14 Mixed tents (2 'dog tents', 2 ridge, bell, two camp beds and a fire)
1 x B6 20mm x 20mm individual Green bases x 40
1 x B18 French Napoleonic Dragoon command sprue 1812-1815 - single sprue
1 x B5 50 x bases 15mm x 20mm
1 x B24 French Infantry Command sprue - single sprue
1 x B 30 Austrian Napoleonic Infantry Command
1 x B1 Two Large sprues (8x bases 45mm x 40mm, 22x bases 45mm x 20, 2 x bases 30mm x 20mm and 2 bases 15mm x 20mm)
1 x PORT 8 Infantry command standing (long breeches) 1810-15
1 x PORT 10 Flank companies standing, shouldered muskets (long breeches) 1810-15
1 x PORT 2 Fusiliers marching 1810-15
1 x PORT 14 Telegraph station with 3 Telegraph Corp and an Engineer officer
1 x PORT 4 Infantry in British ‘slop’ clothing marching 1809-10
1 x PORT 9 Fusiliers standing, shouldered muskets (long breeches) 1810-15
1 x PORT 5 Infantry command standing 1810-15
1 x PORT 1 Infantry command advancing 1810-15
1 x PORT 7 Flank companies firing line 1810-15
1 x PORT 13 Atiradores skirmishing with rifles
1 x PORT 12 Cazadores skirmishing/ firing line with Brown Bess’s
1 x PORT 3 Flank companies marching 1810-15
1 x PORT 11 Cazadore command standing
1 x PORT 6 Fusiliers firing line 1810-15
1 x WR29 Wagon horse teams
1 x WR20 Plastic 'Mercenaries', European Infantry 1450-1500
1 x ACW 115 American Civil War Union Infantry 1861-65
1 x ACW70 American Civil War Zouaves
1 x WR15 Men at Arms/ Knights attacking with polearms
1 x KOR17 Heavy infantry advancing/charging with twin swords (these were more numerous than their mounted equivalents)
1 x WR23 Liveried archers marching
1 x KOR21 Hwa Go (multi-barrelled artillery piece) and 3 crew
1 x KOR2 Mounted Commanders (Kwon Yul, Cho Hon, Yi Pok-nam)
1 x KOR23 Armoured Archers nocking/ loosing
1 x ACW2 Plastic American Civil War Cavalry ( box of 12 figures)
1 x KOR26 Standard bearers signalling with standards
1 x AO 50 Agincourt French Infantry 1415-29
1 x WR5 Yorkist mounted high command ( Richard III, Sir Percival Thirwall standard bearer, herald)
1 x KOR6 Garrison infantry command charging
1 x KOR22 Armoured Infantry with Chong Tong/ Arquebus firing/loading
1 x KOR8 Garrison archers shooting, knocking arrows etc
1 x WR4 Lancastrian mounted high command ( Henry VII, Sir William Brandon standard bearer, herald)
1 x WR9 Mounted Lancastrian command (Somerset, Wenlock and The Prince of Wales)
1 x WR12 Lancastrian command on foot (Henry VI, Prince of Wales, Somerset, Oxford, Buckingham and Longstrother)
1 x AO 60 Agincourt Foot Knights 1415-29
1 x FN100 Plastic French Napoleonic Infantry
1 x FN130 Plastic French Napoleonic Line Dragoons (13 mounted, 8 dismounted)
1 x RPB2 North American Store
1 x WR25 Open frame wagon (as WR 24)
1 x WR2 Lancastrian mounted high command ( Henry VI, Margret of Anjou, Duke of Buckingham)
1 x ACW1 Plastic American Civil War Infantry ( box of 36 figures)
1 x WR1 Plastic Wars of the Roses Infantry (bows and bills)
1 x FN120 Plastic French Napoleonic Heavy Cavalry box set (Cuirassiers/Carabiniers, 14 figures)
1 x ACW 80 American Civil War Confederate Infantry 1861-65
1 x WR30 Two wheeled common cart
1 x KOR11 Armoured Cavalry with bows
1 x KOR7 Garrison infantry command stan
1 x WR14 Men at Arms/Knights standing with polearms
1 x WR 60 Light Cavalry 1450-1500
1 x WR18 Scurrers, lance upright
1 x WR19 Scurrers scouting
1 x RPB1 American Farm House
1 x KOR25 Armoured spearmen/standard bearers
1 x KOR10 Armoured Cavalry attacking with double handed flail / double handed crescent sword (both weapons included for all three cavalrymen)
1 x WR21 Bills (36 in pack)
1 x WR28 Supply wagon
1 x AO 40 English Army 1415-1429 (36 figures)
1 x WR3 Yorkist mounted high command ( Edward IV, Lord Fauconberg, Lord Hastings)
1 x FN 230 French Napoleonic Line Chasseurs a Cheval 1808-15
1 x KOR19 Guerrilla archers nocking, drawing and loosing
1 x BH 90 Napoleonic British Light Dragoons 1808-15
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