AO20 Pavesiers advancing
Pavesiers advancing


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1 x WR28 Supply wagon
1 x WR17 Scurrers command
1 x EA24 Oval Italian Infantry shields
1 x WR29 Wagon horse teams
1 x WR9 Mounted Lancastrian command (Somerset, Wenlock and The Prince of Wales)
1 x EA 18 Carroccio figures
1 x WR24 Ox wagon, complete
1 x AO15 French mounted command at Agincourt (Louis,Count of Vendome, Waleran,Count de Fauquembergues and Comte de Brabant)
1 x BIF 8 Line Infantry marching, 1855 pattern shako
1 x AO7 Archers Stakes (24)
1 x BIF 12 Canadian Militia firing/skirmish Line, 1863 tunic and 1855 shako
1 x BIF 21 Line Infantry command standing, campaign dress, Kilmarnocks and plain frock coats
1 x BIF 2 Scots Fusilier Guards standing
1 x AO9 Mounted men-at-arms,lance upright and shouldered,shield,horses walking
1 x AO21 Melee on foot ( 8 Men-at-Arms and infantry fighting hand to hand)
1 x AO23 Foot command standing
1 x BIF 4 Line Infantry skirmish line, Kilmarnocks
1 x AO14 French High command at Agincourt on foot (8 figures-Charles d'Albret, Constable of France and his standard bearer, Boucicault, Marshal of France, Charles, Duke of Orleans, John Duke of Bourbon, Charles, Count of Eu, Guillaume de Martel bearer of the Oriflamme, Lord Rambures, Grand Master of Crossbowmen)
1 x BIF 7 Line Infantry command marching, 1855 pattern shako
1 x BIF 24 Line Infantry marching, campaign dress, night caps and plain frock coats
1 x AO16 Dismounted Men at Arms advancing with polearms
1 x AO26 Spearmen/Pikemen running,shouldered weapon (these can be used as Low Country or Early Swiss Pike aswell as French or Scottish spearmen)
1 x BIF 22 Line Infantry firing line/skirmishing, campaign dress, Kilmarnocks and plain frock coats
1 x AO10 Mounted men-at-arms,'white armour',lance upright and shouldered,horses walking
1 x AO29 Mounted sergeants on walking horses
1 x AO2 Archers nocking, drawing and loosing
1 x AO12 Mounted Men-at-arms lance upright,horses walking.
1 x AO5 Archers preparing for battle,hammering in and sharpening stakes
1 x BIF 28 Grenadier Guards charging
1 x AO22 Foot command advancing
1 x BIF 13 Guard command, skirmishing, service side caps and plain frock coats
1 x AO20 Pavesiers advancing
1 x AO8 Crossbowmen shooting and loading
1 x AO13 Veteran archers nocking and loosing high,some in mail and partial plate armour
1 x AO6 Dismounted men at arms advancing into an arrow storm,2 falling (2 with sword and shield ,4 with polearms)
1 x BIF 15 Line Infantry command marching, campaign dress, Kilmarnocks and plain frock coats
1 x AO17 Infantry advancing/running with polearms
1 x BIF 5 Line Infantry skirmish line kneeling, Kilmarnocks
1 x BIF 14 Guards sharpshooters skirmishing in side caps and plain frock coats
1 x AO25 Handgunners ( 3 two-man crews)
1 x AO30 Mounted sergeants on galloping horses
1 x BIF 19 Line Infantry command charging, campaign dress, Kilmarnocks and plain frock coats
1 x AO27 Spearmen/pikemen,standing (can be used as above)
1 x BIF 23 Line Infantry kneeling skirmishing, campaign dress, Kilmarnocks and plain frock coats
1 x AO1 Henry V, mounted, and command (includes Edward, Duke of York, Thomas, Lord Camoys, Sir Thomas Erpingham and Henry's servant with his shield, plus mounted herald)
1 x BIF 26 Line Infantry firing line/skirmishing, campaign dress, straw hats and plain frock coats
1 x AO19 Pavesiers standing
1 x BIF 27 Grenadier Guard command charging
1 x BIF 18 Line Infantry charging, Kilmarnocks.
1 x AO11 Mounted Men- at-arms,'white armour',lance upright,armoured horses walking.
1 x AO4 Lightly armoured infantry (Brigans) standing ready with polearms
1 x BIF 1 Scots Fusilier Guards command standing
1 x BIF 6 Line Infantry Firing Line, Kilmarnocks
1 x AO3 Dismounted men at arms advancing with polearms
1 x AO28 Mounted sergeants on walking horses
1 x BIF 29 Royal Artillery loading 12 pounder Armstrong
1 x BIF 3 Line Infantry command standing, Kilmarnocks
1 x BIF 10 Line Infantry marching, Kilmarnocks
1 x BIF 17 Line Infantry command charging, Kilmarnocks
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