AO1 Henry V, mounted, and command (includes Edward, Duke of York, Thomas, Lord Camoys, Sir Thomas Erpingham and Henry\'s servant with his shield, plus mounted herald)

Henry V, mounted, and command (includes Edward, Duke of York, Thomas, Lord Camoys, Sir Thomas Erpingham and Henry's servant with his shield, plus mounted herald)


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1 x ACW21 Confederate Artillery firing piece (12 pdr Napoleon , 12 pdr Howitzer and 6 pdr barrels)
1 x AO27 Spearmen/pikemen,standing (can be used as above)
1 x BIF 21 Line Infantry command standing, campaign dress, Kilmarnocks and plain frock coats
1 x AW15 17th Light Dragoons with pistols on picket duty
1 x SAM20 Samurai with Yari at 45 degrees, defending
1 x EA4 Helmeted halberdiers/pikemen attacking with levelled weapon (includes 6 mixedpolearms)
1 x AW6 Highlander Light Infantry company, charging
1 x SAM10 Ashigaru Arquebusier, advancing
1 x AO22 Foot command advancing
1 x ACW17 Union Artillery firing piece (12 pdr Napoleon,6 pdr and 12pdr Howitzer barrels)
1 x VLW 27 17th Lancer command, Zulu War
1 x SAM1 Seated Daimyo & attendants (Takeda Shingen, Great standard, messenger, 2 generals)
1 x VLW 2 Afghan Tribal Command
1 x AO23 Foot command standing
1 x VLW 22 Afghan tribal cavalry, sword and shield
1 x AW28 Queen's Rangers Hussars, swords shouldered
1 x EA9 Mixed polearms (36 in pack)
1 x VLW 7 Brtish Infantry kneeling, Second Anglo-Afghan War
1 x VLW 20 British Infantry Zulu War
1 x AO17 Infantry advancing/running with polearms
1 x SAM21 Samurai with levelled Yari, charging
1 x AO24 Men-at-Arms standing,separate pole arms (these could be used as standard bearers too).
1 x AO25 Handgunners ( 3 two-man crews)
1 x AO11 Mounted Men- at-arms,'white armour',lance upright,armoured horses walking.
1 x AW8 Highland Command, advancing
1 x AW20 17th Light Dragoons, charging in Southern dress
1 x SAM9 Ashigaru Arquebusier, firing line
1 x ACW6 Union six horse limber at full gallop plus gun (3" Parrott Rifle and 3" Ordnance Rifle barrel)
1 x EA25 Circular Italian Infantry shields
1 x EA11 Boxed pavises (24 in pack)
1 x ACW30 Confederate Infantry command in Frock coats and kepis advancing ( 2 Officers, 2 Drummers, 2 standard bearers)
1 x AO13 Veteran archers nocking and loosing high,some in mail and partial plate armour
1 x VLW 28 17th Lancers, lances upright
1 x BIF 1 Scots Fusilier Guards command standing
1 x VLW 3 Afghan tribesmen skirmishing with jezails
1 x BIF 24 Line Infantry marching, campaign dress, night caps and plain frock coats
1 x SAM6 Ashigaru bannermen and musicians, standing (2 bannermen, 3 musicians)
1 x ACW27 Heads with slouch hats for converting plastics (36 heads)
1 x EA14 Italian foot command
1 x SAM29 Naginata (Glaives) (pack of 30) - can be used to convert Yari troops into Naginata
1 x ACW12 Confederate Artillery loading piece (12 pdr Napoleon,6 pdr and 12pdr Howitzer barrels)
1 x AW3 Highlanders, advancing shouldered arms
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