Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions
  • Orders over £200 are automatically post free.
  • VAT is automatically removed from non-European orders.
  • After the order has been posted we can’t guarantee how long the postal service will take to get it to your home.
  • After the order has been completed on line and payment made, we can’t add to it due to the ordering system on the site. Just send another order in. This won’t affect postage as that is calculated as a percentage of the total cost.
  • Figures come unpainted, they are shown painted as a guide.
  • Packs do not come with flags, these are just shown as guides.
  • The amount of figures are shown in the photos, although we do realize that not all have photos but we are getting there.  There are normally 6 Infantry to a pack, 3 cavalry (3 horses, 3 riders) and 4 crew and a gun for artillery.
  • We can’t mix packs or sell figures individually.
  • We can’t sell plastic sprues individually apart from those in the lists.
  • Deals come as seen in the lists, we can’t mix and match.
  • The best way to contact us is via email, obviously complicated questions take longer for us to answer…and keep us away from the workbench!

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Payment Methods
1 x KOR19 Guerrilla archers nocking, drawing and loosing
1 x KOR6 Garrison infantry command charging
1 x KOR23 Armoured Archers nocking/ loosing
1 x KOR7 Garrison infantry command stan
1 x KOR26 Standard bearers signalling with standards
1 x KOR1 Guerrilla mounted Command ( Kwak Chae-u, the monk leader Yonggyu and a mounted sub commander)
1 x KOR8 Garrison archers shooting, knocking arrows etc
1 x KOR22 Armoured Infantry with Chong Tong/ Arquebus firing/loading
1 x KOR18 Heavy Infantry standing with spear,long shield and bow
1 x KOR2 Mounted Commanders (Kwon Yul, Cho Hon, Yi Pok-nam)
1 x KOR11 Armoured Cavalry with bows
1 x KOR13 Heavy infantry command advancing /charging
1 x KOR20 Shin Ki Jeon (multi- rocket propelled arrow launcher) and 3 crew
1 x KOR5 Garrison infantry command charging
1 x KOR9 Monks with Bows
1 x KOR12 Heavy Cavalry attacking with twin swords (these comprised only of the most skilled horsemen so were used in small numbers)
1 x KOR16 Heavy infantry advancing/charging with swords and round shields
1 x KOR14 Heavy infantry advancing/charging with long spear (Jang Chang)
1 x KOR24 Armoured Cavalry with Sam Hyul Chong (3 barrelled rocket launchers)
1 x KOR21 Hwa Go (multi-barrelled artillery piece) and 3 crew
1 x KOR25 Armoured spearmen/standard bearers
1 x KOR17 Heavy infantry advancing/charging with twin swords (these were more numerous than their mounted equivalents)
1 x KOR15 Heavy infantry advancing/charging with glaive (Hyup Do)
1 x KOR3 Guerrilla command charging
1 x KOR4 Guerrillas charging (4 polearms and 2 hand weapons)
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