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1 x WR1 Plastic Wars of the Roses Infantry (bows and bills)
1 x EA27 Stradiots with lances
1 x EA 15 Carroccio
1 x WR22 Liveried billmen marching
1 x WR7 Breach loading field piece, double arc, plus 4 crew loading
1 x WR27 Covered supply wagon
1 x EA 21 Italian Handgunners skirmishing
1 x WR4 Lancastrian mounted high command ( Henry VII, Sir William Brandon standard bearer, herald)
1 x EA26 Stradiot Command
1 x EA12 Mounted Italian command
1 x EA 30 Westernised Stradiots
1 x WR15 Men at Arms/ Knights attacking with polearms
1 x EA4 Helmeted halberdiers/pikemen attacking with levelled weapon (includes 6 mixedpolearms)
1 x EA10 Flat pavises (24 in pack)
1 x EA9 Mixed polearms (36 in pack)
1 x EA 16 Carroccio (wagon only)
1 x EA 22 Italian mounted crossbowmen
1 x EA 19 Italian light infantry
1 x WR16 Bombard (includes bombard, mantlet and 6 crew)
1 x WR14 Men at Arms/Knights standing with polearms
1 x EA 29 Stradiots with crossbows
1 x EA23 Italian heads x36
1 x EA8 Halberds (36 in pack)
1 x WR8 Mounted high command (Warwick "The Kingmaker", Richard, Duke of York and Salisbury)
1 x WR20 Plastic 'Mercenaries', European Infantry 1450-1500
1 x EA25 Circular Italian Infantry shields
1 x EA 28 Stradiots with bows
1 x WR10 Mounted pages
1 x EA 20 Italian crossbowmen skirmishing
1 x WR11 Mounted standard bearers/lance armed Men at Arms
1 x WR18 Scurrers, lance upright
1 x EA14 Italian foot command
1 x EA7 1490-1520 European heads, to be used with plastic 'Mercenaries' WR 20 or Wars of the Roses infantry WR 1 (36 heads)
1 x EA5 Armoured halberdiers/pikemen attacking with levelled weapon (includes 6 mixedpolearms)
1 x WR23 Liveried archers marching
1 x WR3 Yorkist mounted high command ( Edward IV, Lord Fauconberg, Lord Hastings)
1 x EA6 Swiss heads, to be used with plastic 'Mercenaries' WR 20 (36 heads)
1 x WR19 Scurrers scouting
1 x WR30 Two wheeled common cart
1 x WR2 Lancastrian mounted high command ( Henry VI, Margret of Anjou, Duke of Buckingham)
1 x EA1 Unarmoured Swiss halberdiers/pikemen marching (includes 6 halberds)
1 x EA 17 Carroccio Oxen
1 x EA2 Helmeted halberdiers/pikemen advancing, weapon held at 45 degrees (includes 6 mixed polearms)
1 x WR6 Breach loading field piece, single arc, plus 4 crew firing
1 x WR21 Bills (36 in pack)
1 x WR25 Open frame wagon (as WR 24)
1 x WR26 Ox teams
1 x WR13 Yorkist command and Warwick on foot (Edward IV, Warwick, Fauconberg, Hastings, Gloucester and Salisbury)
1 x EA3 Armoured halberdiers/pikemen advancing, weapon held at 45 degrees (includes 6 mixed polearms)
1 x WR5 Yorkist mounted high command ( Richard III, Sir Percival Thirwall standard bearer, herald)
1 x WR12 Lancastrian command on foot (Henry VI, Prince of Wales, Somerset, Oxford, Buckingham and Longstrother)
1 x EA11 Boxed pavises (24 in pack)
1 x EA13 Italian Clergy
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