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1 x Cape Warriors Double Deal
1 x BH 125 High command for Egypt 1801 (Abercromby,Hutchinson, Moore)
1 x VLW 43 Natal Native Contingent Command, Zulu War
1 x DAN 6 Infantry command, shakos ( with two standard bearers) 1808-13
1 x NBK19 Hussar command charging (officer, musician, sergeant)
1 x DAN 15 Grenadiers marching, 1803 bearskin, greatcoats 1812-14
1 x AO11 Mounted Men- at-arms,'white armour',lance upright,armoured horses walking.
1 x ACW64 Zouave command standing , kepis and chasseur trousers
1 x AN 48 ‘German’ Grenadier command advancing
1 x VLW 22 Afghan tribal cavalry, sword and shield
1 x RN 13 Infantry  marching casually, summer dress (1809 Kiwer)
1 x SPA 29 Fusiliers firing line, part uniformed, British equipment 1810-12
1 x SAM5 Ashigaru bannermen and musicians, advancing (2 bannermen, 3 musicians)
1 x AN 24 ‘German’ mounted Colonels
1 x ACW28 Confederate Infantry in 'shell 'Jackets skirmishing
1 x PORT 23 Foot artillery firing 6 pdr on bracket carriage 1807-14
1 x DB12 Dutch Militia firing line
1 x DAN 12 Infantry command marching, great coats (no standards) 1812-14
1 x SWED 2 Infantry marching 1808-09
1 x BH 147 Royal Foot Artillery 4 horse limber (no gun) standing, drivers in Tarletons and fatigue caps. Peninsular War
1 x VLW 27 17th Lancer command, Zulu War
1 x SPA 31 Fusiliers firing line, round hats and lapelled coats 1810-12
1 x BH 141 Royal Foot Artillery loading 12pdr 1808-14
1 x DB4 D Dutch Line Infantry Command standing
1 x RN 10 Grenadier command advancing, summer dress (1812 Kiwer) 
1 x DAN 30 Danish Rytter /Norwegian Dragoons 1812-14 command galloping
1 x EA14 Italian foot command
1 x VLW 21Afghan tribal cavalry command
1 x AN 34 Four horse Foot artillery limber with 6 pounder
1 x PN 47 Dragoons, swords shouldered, galloping
1 x SAM10 Ashigaru Arquebusier, advancing
1 x SPA 10 Infantry command advancing, Catalonian Legion in round hats and long tailed coats 1810
1 x SAM25 Samurai with swords, charging
1 x AO1 Henry V, mounted, and command (includes Edward, Duke of York, Thomas, Lord Camoys, Sir Thomas Erpingham and Henry's servant with his shield, plus mounted herald)
1 x ACW4 Confederate Generals mounted
1 x SPA 17 Line Infantry Cazadors marching 1812-15
1 x Rebellion
1 x PN 37 Prussian Reservists marching (shoulder wings)
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